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Grão House by Très Arquitetura

text description provided by the architects.

Nestlé and Très Arquitetura open the doors of the exclusive 'Casa Grão by Starbucks at Home' at CASACOR 2019, the largest architecture, decoration, design and landscaping event in Latin America. This year's show was based on pillars such as affection, sustainability and technology, intrinsically linked to the brand's consumer profile, eager for new experiences and seeking to always be ahead of trends, but without neglecting the planet. To design the house, Starbucks at Home found the ideal partner in Très Arquitetura, as it is recognized for its clean, minimalist, elegant and sustainable architecture.

Building their first complete residence at the event, architects Fernanda Tegacini, Fernanda Morais and Nathalia Mouco were guided by the concept of the grain (Grão), which names the project. In addition, the premises of a generation that seeks a more detached, altruistic and humanized life, and the lines of the Pavilion of Mies Van Der Rohe, in Barcelona, also inspired the 1000sqft dwelling in the shape of a glass box, which encompasses living, dining room with a small kitchen and master suite. The light, dry and sustainable iron structure was reused from an old shopping mezzanine, and demonstrates the office's technical competence.

Natural materials, almost rustic, communicate the core values ​​of the brand in a very direct way, glorifying their products and the casual nature of the trade, bringing an approximation of nature with the individual.

Two main gables of Brazilian marble (Donatello by Brasigran), support this skeleton, which was closed off by large glass frames, which integrate the beautiful landscape of the garden by Bia Abreu into the décor. The composition of the interior still has few furniture, and as a great highlight the modular sofa, made in partnership with Líder Interiores, which takes care of the center of the living room and allows the interaction, from any angle, of the people who sit there, in addition to guide the flow of activities around you.

The ceiling lining was designed with walnut leaves, creating a contrast with the floor and the color palette that transitions between black and white. In the dining room, the table has four chairs, two covered in a fabric with a dark green tone, and another two in black, creating a subtle connection with the iconic green pantone of Starbucks, conceiving a more intimate and modern space. Facing it, an imposing bookcase, designed by the architects, illustrates the firm's expertise in carpentry, its trademark, and boasts design and decoration elements and objects, subtly arranged in niches and compartments.

In addition, it works as a large window for a mini 'forest', provided by the partner landscaper, framing the green and incorporating it into the decor.

Still creating an interaction between the architectural design and Starbucks' familiar visual identity, one of the main fencing gables, which separates the social area from the intimate, was painted in the dark green color characteristic of the stores.

The entire architectural concept was conceived not only as a point of sale, but as a meeting place, a place to feel at home. We strive to make natural and green materials present through architecture as central and prominent elements.

In a way, we seek the idea of ​​breaking away from the food alienation experienced by the inhabitants of the great cities as inspiration. Evidencing the origin, the origin of the food. The colors and textures of the products are decisive for the decoration of the store."

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