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H&M Launched Their Sports Wear Collection in a Marble Quarry

Post by: Camila | Source: Everything marble

H&M “Level Up” sports wear collection advertising campaign is one of the latest set in Carrara marble quarries. The magnificent view of the Apuan Alps (Northern Tuscany) with their marble quarries have always inspired photographers and movie makers from all over the world. The list of advertising campaigns set in Carrara is impressive, we are covering just the most recent ones. As Carrara marble has become trendier than ever in the recent years, more and more brands have chosen to associate their image with this luxurious material and with the suggestive, almost lunar landscapes of its quarries.

Everything looks good on marble

Different products have been launched using Carrara quarries imagery: from cars, to fashion, parfums, shoes, furniture etc. Everything looks really refined when photographed here.We find particularly interesting some campaigns that connect on a deeper level with the territory: one of these is the recent H&M “Level Up” campaign, launching their sports wear collection.

H&M in Carrara: sport on the Apuan Alps

The Swedish brand showcases its latest styled in motion with three excellent ambassadors: Yoga guru Patrick Beach, endurance athlete Thomas River and Australian Fitness Athlete Amanda Bisk. The three athletes have been photographed and filmed while training on a Carrara Marble quarry. The shots are really amazing and picture the athletes controlling their bodies and state of mind with the stunning view of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrenian sea as background.

What we like about this campaign: the location seems a smart choice as this territory has a special sport vocation. In facts, in this part of Tuscany you can practise many different sports: from trekking on the Apuan Alps, to mountain bike, to paragliding (imagine jumping from these mountains and landing on the sandy beach nearby) to windsurf, sailboat and surf. It is a unique territory in which you can trek the alps and swim in the sea on the same day. Some international sport events take place here such as the Marble Marathon, or the WTKA World championship (Martial arts).

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