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No matter what type of home you live in, no matter how large or small, you will likely agree that no home is complete without a kitchen. From kitchens with small stoves to open-concept areas with a sprawling island and gorgeous counter tops, there are many ways to envision this important and efficient room in the home.

Kitchen influences lifestyle

The way you use your kitchen can make a statement about your lifestyle. Decades ago, kitchens were often much smaller and only contained necessary cooking areas. Instead of it being a utilitarian room, it was utilized simply for preparing the meals and was often separated from the dining rooms to conceal the mess and smell left behind.

In more modern homes, kitchens are often larger and serve multiple purposes. For example, many homeowners have comfortable seating areas in their kitchens, as well as storage cabinets and even nooks or spaces for work units. You can now use your kitchen in a variety of ways that works best for you, and it is here to enhance your lifestyle, rather than become an obstacle for it.

Kitchen are family gathering spaces

The kitchen wasn’t always the main hub of the home, but now it is becoming more and more that way. The kitchen is the most likely area for families to congregate, for people to discuss the details of their days with each other, and for guests and friends to spend time and hang out with their loved ones.

Most kitchens are equipped with enough room to fit multiple people, since it’s a much more popular space to spend time. Amenities like bar seating arrangements, as well as a larger area of flat working spaces with stone or quartz counter tops can provide multiple functions, inviting people to sit, stay, chat, do their work, and catch up on all the local news.

Kitchens are evolving spaces

As is evident from the paragraphs above, kitchens are dynamic spaces that continue to grow and evolve to change with the needs and lifestyles of the modern homeowner. A space that was once an afterthought for food preparation is now the main gathering hall for many families and friends.

Not only is the kitchen vitally important because it contains the appliances and tools necessary to prepare any kind of meal, but it is also one of the most important spaces for storage, seating, and communication. Without the kitchen, the home would likely feel empty and confused, without a direction.

Not only is the kitchen evolving in terms of functionality, but it is evolving to be one of the most eco-friendly parts of the home as well. Smart devices, energy-saving appliances, and alternative fuel techniques contribute to a great efficiency in the home that should not be overlooked.

Show Your Kitchen Some Appreciation!

You should be able to love the space you are in, and you should be able to modify it to suit the needs of your lifestyle; it is, after all, the most important room in the home!

If you are interested in installing new natural stone counter tops for your kitchen, or you are looking for some new remodeling ideas that will transform it into the central hub of your home, contact doral stones!

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There are many details to consider when deciding on a countertop material for your kitchen or bathroom, from cost to durability to appearance. One factor you don’t want to overlook is what happens after installation? Will your countertop require consistent maintenance or do you want something that needs no attention? There are thousands of countertop materials to choose from, and some require more a little love to ensure a long life.

Why Do Stone Countertops Need Sealing?

There are thousands of different of Natural Stones in the market and some of them have very low porosity while others are more porous. Nowadays most stones slabs are sealed in the factory before polishing in a process called "resin treatment". This process upgrades Natural Stones' mechanical features making them more resistant than they would have been in their natural state. On top of that, after your stone is cut into a countertop and installed, you can seal it with an 'impregnator sealer" containing resins molecules that are transported by water or solvents to penetrate the stone's surface at a greater depth, creating a protective seal and barrier from liquid stains.

Which Types of Stone Need Sealing?

Before you dive into a big countertop project, let’s look at some of the most popular countertop surfaces that need regular sealing, to help gauge what material fits best with your home and lifestyle.


The most luxurious countertop material available, marble will instantly elevate your kitchen or bathroom, and all it requires is cleaning daily and sealing once a year to ensure its legacy.


This super tough and very popular choice in kitchens and bathrooms is probably the one that comes in the largest selection and most of them aren't true granites. The term granite is more of a commercial term for igneous stone, and what that means is that some granites will be very porous and others not. To be safe it is better to seal them at least once.


The king of countertops, quartzites combine the natural beauty of marble with the toughness of granite. This stone is super resistant to scratching and when properly polished, its glassy luster is a hit in any room. It is recommended to seal it at least once to avoid damaging the gloss


Just like quartzite, dolomite is also requires sealing at least once after the installation to protect it and preserve it for the future. The value of a home is certainly increased with the maintenance and upkeep of stone countertops.

Never Sealed Stone Countertops Before? Here’s How:

First up, thoroughly clean the countertop with a stone-safe cleaner.

Then grab the sealer and spray it onto the stone in two-to three-foot sections.

Immediately wipe it into the counter with a clean, lint-free cloth, followed by buffing until dry.

The end result is a mirror-smooth shine protected from the elements.

The Water Test: Know If Your Stone Countertop is Sealed

Place a small drop of water on your stone countertop and observe its surface tension (the tendency of liquid surfaces to shrink into the minimum surface area possible).

If the the stone countertop is sealed, the water's surface tension will be high enough to allow the drop to roll on the stone.

If the water drop breaks tension, that might be an indication that your stone countertop is not sealed or that it is time to apply the sealer again!

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H&M “Level Up” sports wear collection advertising campaign is one of the latest set in Carrara marble quarries. The magnificent view of the Apuan Alps (Northern Tuscany) with their marble quarries have always inspired photographers and movie makers from all over the world. The list of advertising campaigns set in Carrara is impressive, we are covering just the most recent ones. As Carrara marble has become trendier than ever in the recent years, more and more brands have chosen to associate their image with this luxurious material and with the suggestive, almost lunar landscapes of its quarries.

Everything looks good on marble

Different products have been launched using Carrara quarries imagery: from cars, to fashion, parfums, shoes, furniture etc. Everything looks really refined when photographed here.We find particularly interesting some campaigns that connect on a deeper level with the territory: one of these is the recent H&M “Level Up” campaign, launching their sports wear collection.

H&M in Carrara: sport on the Apuan Alps

The Swedish brand showcases its latest styled in motion with three excellent ambassadors: Yoga guru Patrick Beach, endurance athlete Thomas River and Australian Fitness Athlete Amanda Bisk. The three athletes have been photographed and filmed while training on a Carrara Marble quarry. The shots are really amazing and picture the athletes controlling their bodies and state of mind with the stunning view of the Apuan Alps and the Tyrrenian sea as background.

What we like about this campaign: the location seems a smart choice as this territory has a special sport vocation. In facts, in this part of Tuscany you can practise many different sports: from trekking on the Apuan Alps, to mountain bike, to paragliding (imagine jumping from these mountains and landing on the sandy beach nearby) to windsurf, sailboat and surf. It is a unique territory in which you can trek the alps and swim in the sea on the same day. Some international sport events take place here such as the Marble Marathon, or the WTKA World championship (Martial arts).

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