The bright side of honed stones

Article by Camila

Not enough people spend time thinking about how much (or how little) sheen they want on their countertop until after the installation is completed. I get it, it’s easy to get wrapped up in looking at color and veining that you forget about everything else!

However, this aspect has a huge effect on how the stone actually looks in your kitchen, and it also has repercussions for how it’ll need to be handled and cared for. Neither a honed or polished finish impacts the true nature, beauty, and durability of the stone slab. And some stones are naturally more resistant than others when it comes to scratch and acid resistance (granite and quartzite tend to outperform marble). However, for “softer materials” that are more prone to wear (translation: marbles), the type of finish may add an extra layer of security against stains or camouflage pesky scratches and etches. Therefore in some cases, taking the shine out of your countertop could be the best decision you make.