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Quartzite floor by Leticia Finamore.

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

One of the challenges that most architects remember when talking about the specification of natural stone in their projects is to align it with the client's taste, budget and expectation. When the home owner is already passionate about natural stones, the challenge is overcome so it is possible to invest in a project with different stones, colors, types of finishes. This is the case for this week's story, which had all the details and specifications of the interior design done by the architect Leticia Finamore.

"The idea was to translate a unique and functional concept allied to aesthetics, giving personality and magnificence with the materials. The highlight was the choice of natural stones such as Bianco Superiore quartzite, which, in different finishes, provided the expected effect", Leticia explained when talking about the project.

More than 1,700 sqft of natural stone were used in different finishes, including countertops in the bathroom, kitchen, outside kitchen, and service area. "Right at the entrance of the house there is an unevenness and we took advantage of this detail to define the finishes. The Bianco Superiore quartzite was chosen as a beacon to alert the unevenness in an elegant way, and the material extends to the living room with a polished finish," said the Leticia.

In the outside kitchen, for a more funky proposal, the chosen finishings were brushed and honed (matte). "This is a light material, which blends well with other types of materials and brings sophistication to the space. We used the same quartzite, with different finishes, in several environments", explained.

The architect also points out that natural stone is a fundamental element in her projects. "Whether for countertops, flooring, stairs, furniture, or decorative pieces, stone brings irreverence, concept, glamour, and personality. The choice is always made according to the client's budget, the effect he wants to cause, and the composition and harmony with the other materials present in the projects", she pointed out.

Among her favorite natural stone materials, the one she chooses is quartzite - for its hardness, resistance, and beauty. "They are more unique and allow us more possibilities for composition, both with other stones and with other materials we use in our projects. One material I love is Cristallo, a noble rock that is possible to work with lighting," she concluded.

Architect: Leticia Finamore

Photography: Camila Santos

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