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Find Out Why Millennials Are Investing In Natural Stone More Than Ever Before

Article by: Camila da Paz | Source: Inspiration Center

San Pellegrino dolomite countertop

The younger adults of this generation known as Millennials are steadily getting ahead of the curve! With the constant evolution of technology, millennials are always hip when it comes to the most advanced trends. But whenever it comes to home design and remodeling what exactly do they think of natural stone? I believe that natural stone is the perfect fit for the younger generation and these are the reasons why:

Natural Stone Can Be Very Affordable

Contrary to popular belief, some natural stone materials are much more affordable than some engineered stones. Natural is an excellent investment due to its longevity. It can be viewed as a luxury, but it adds value to the home and will last for many decades. Natural stone is durable and can withstand crazy temperatures on both sides of the spectrum. Another reason why it is trendy among millennials is that it is hygienic and will not harbor bacteria, specially during and post Covid times.

Oyster White marble countertop

Natural Stone Is Timeless

Although the generations may want the latest technology and features that come in purchasing a smart home, they always appreciate the timelessness and simplicity of natural stone. Natural stone is a quality investment whose beauty will last forever with the right care and maintenance. Natural stone has a beauty that has been admired for millions of years, and it is also a material that rarely needs to be replaced. Anytime homeowners buy natural stone, they only changed it for another material when they want a different look or color. It seldom happens because of damages or wear. This is a very durable material and meant to last. Whether you want a modern or more traditional design in your home, natural stone comes in a large variety of colors, patterns, and styles to choose from.

Unique And Stylish

Millennials love to celebrate being unique and different. This generation of young adults loves to stand out from the rest. This is the reason why natural stone like marble, quartzite and granite are perfect countertop choices. Every natural stone is made by Mother Earth and they are all unique as no two slabs are exactly the same. Each natural stone slab can be cut and finished to bring out its beauty. This helps granite, quartzite and marble reflect their own personality and identity. Its versatility is enough for different style designs and uses.

White Shadow marble countertop

Millennials are on the pulse of the latest trends, gadgets, and technology. They know what apps to use and when, and probably know more than you about the industry in which you work. They do their research and can subsequently become an expert on anything—or so they think. This includes home buying even though millennials are choosing to make home purchases later in life.

According to information from the National Association of Realtors, millennials are the largest share of home buyers at 35% and this figure has been increasing across the past four years. More members of this demographic are moving to the suburbs and selecting detached, single-family homes in which to reside: Millennials are clearly choosing to make a long-term investment when they finally make the decision to purchase and when they do finally sign on the dotted line, they are looking for quality.

The younger generations are waiting longer than ever before to purchase homes. This is mainly because they are choosing to live with family and save as much money as they can. Builder Magazine recently published an article discussing the Responsive Home Project, a “laboratory” that delves into what will appeal to young people who fall into the millennial bracket. Individuals in the building products industry concurred that these young people seek high-quality features in their homes because they are waiting longer to purchase their abodes. Millennials are opting for high-end materials that look stellar and will last, and natural stone is one material that covers all of these bases.

All Saints marble accent wall

“Natural stone is a luxury material and it’s aesthetically beautiful,” said Jacqueline Tabbah from International Stoneworks, Inc. Tabbah has seen more millennials come in, armed with research, ready to incorporate this material into their homes. “When you have a millennial consumer—in any industry—they come to you very knowledgeable about what they want. It’s nice that they come in educated: they know the maintenance and the care that stone requires.” Being informed is obviously important, but many in this demographic are also seeking out natural stone because they like its appearance. “Stone is timeless,” Tabbah added, “And what really sets natural stone apart for millennials is the cool look and texture from the stone. They have a lot more options these days and can select a polished or brushed look in a range of stone types or go for marble. If they don’t want to commit to caring for marble or limestone they can go for something that requires very little care—granite or quartzite, for example.”

Millennials might be ready to get the latest smart home feature, but their attention to quality makes natural stone the ideal material for a sophisticated space. “Every slab of natural stone is unique and has its own history,” explained Abby Sanders of Stone Interiors. “Unlike manmade products, a slab of marble, quartzite or granite is literally excavated from the Earth before it is cut and polished to bring out its natural characteristics.” Natural stone elements are like functional artwork and a stone countertop is a true investment that will last for years, especially when properly maintained. The material is on point for those who want their home to truly reflect their station in life, in addition to being a thoughtfully decorated space. “Stone is not ‘trendy,’” Sanders added. “The veins, texture, and colors you see in a piece of granite or marble have been there for millions of years. Manmade surface materials are often made to resemble current interior design trends, and, ironically, are often specifically made to mimic the look of natural stone.”

Fusion quartzite countertop

Thanks to the unique designs and nature of natural stone, every piece will be slightly different. Yet it is versatile enough for many tastes and need not only be used to create a classic, timeless effect. Sanders explained that “it can be fabricated into the same modern shapes and edge profiles as manmade products. A good stone fabricator can create the sharp, geometric lines that are frequently featured in modern home designs.” Since millennials like to do their homework, it can be an appealing part of home decorating to seek out the ideal piece and design of stone.

With recent innovations and the availability of natural stone, it can enhance the look and feel of a modern home, fitting right in with the Amazon Alexa, stainless steel appliances, and copious glass and metal that are hallmarks of contemporary design. For millennials who want to invest their resources into something truly special, natural stone is an excellent material to select—one that will elevate their investment to a higher level.

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